Zumba instructor: Erga Skenda

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 pm the Skapto 1 gym gets full of Latin music and Zumba enthusiasts. The team of young women are warming up and looking in the mirror to examine their bodies during another passionate move. All of them are devotedly following their instructor Erga Skenda, who organizes these trainings every week. Compared to other sport instructors on campus, her services are voluntary.

Erga is a junior at the American University in Bulgaria majoring in Economics and Business. She started teaching Zumba on campus only a year ago. Her first experience with Zumba was back in the primary school when she was in the 8th grade. Later when she was in the second year of high school, she started instructing Zumba. “My instructor of Zumba decided to open her own place and then she invited me to work for her and teach Zumba,” she says.

This time it is only Erga and couple of her friends training because the official training was canceled as most of Zumba students had something going on this evening. “Sometimes people have a lot of assignments or they finish their classes late,” she says. “One day I can have more than 10 girls, one day I can have less than five.”

Erga believes that Zumba is a special workout that touches all parts of the body and combines “best of two worlds”, aerobics and Latin dances.

“Anybody can do Zumba”, she says. Her trainings are open to all people on campus, regardless of their gender or age. Zumba students don’t bring anything to class, just some of them decide to bring a bottle of water. “You don’t need much equipment, just speakers and good music,” she says.

During the entire training Erga has a wide smile on her face. “You forget how your day was,” she says. “You feel happy It doesn’t matter if you had a bad day or a good day. At that moment nothing else exists, just dance.”

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