Why am I here at Medium?

It’s important that you realise I’m here if not under duress then grudgingly, to see what the Medium fuss is all about. There’s no denying that the quality of writing picked by Medium’s staff (an account every newcomer will follow by default) is high; but who knows what’s to be found outside of that comforter, that safety net…

Me. Or people like me.

“It was a dark and stormy night and…”

I am not a writer; but as I once thought of myself as ‘not a blogger’ maybe my journey will one day lead to coherence in that field too.

Until then, this:

I don’t write for you, I write for myself.

Writing: it’s really not the cathartic or self-improving experience I’d imagined back in October/November 2015 when I started a daily journal, but a goal of 5 posts a week is easily achievable, and I get a few positive, very welcome comments. Which actually motivates me more.

Nope, I’m not about to analyse it.

I’ve been blogging for a few years now, first with WordPress; then a self-hosted WordPress site; and then (as an App.net user) a 10Centuries blog. More on that next.

As my interests shifted from content consumption to creation and as Jason Irwin’s 10Centuries site — now an .org — morphed from a blogging platform into a podcast network and social network, I found myself with a veritable plethora of places to blog at, to spread my internal message.

I blog at:

And I’m here at Medium. Testing. That’s all.

The very best thing about Jason’s sites; no ads, no monetisation, my stuff remains mine. And when I can synchronise all my stuff by posting once (instead of posting at 3 places and syncing to a 4th) I’ll be even happier.

I don’t care about reach, spread, SEO, and the other things ‘real’ bloggers optimise their content for; I write for myself. I know I’m repeating myself but you, dear reader, need to understand my motivation.

So why am I here? Medium is supposed to be evil, right? Taking page views away from honest bloggers!

I already have 2 followers.

I’d be very surprised if the first follower notices my post — a tiny blip amongst their legions of follows. The second, well… should I check or should I imagine that it’s the quality of my first 3 posts here that attracted ‘em?

Yes, I think I shall.

Though getting stale in a few of the places I’ve inhabited socially since 2010 when I coined the handle, I am @bazbt3 pretty much everywhere.