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You think you have ‘free will’ right?


Big data marketing firm Cambridge Analytica, the agency behind the Facebook data harvesting scandal hitting the mainstream news this weekend — are quite possibly the beginning of a slew of behavioural marketing agencies that know more about voters, than voters know themselves — and, on the face of it — integral to the manipulation of vast swathes of them in the Trump Presidential campaign, the European Union referendum and various political campaigns across the globe.

But who are Cambridge Analytica, and what advanced marketing techniques are they utilising to sway voters?

Recently I wrote a blog post about ‘Transparency in Marketing — using Blockchain and Smart Contracts’, and the potential for said technologies to eradicate ‘middlemen’ from the marketing, media buying and advertising realms — and how it could help build trust in brands, media, political parties and the marketing profession. …


Baz Jobson

I work with great brands, doing good. https://bazjobson.co.uk

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