Social Rant #1 — Social Media Profile Names

Make sure you get your social media profile name as close to your business name as possible. The same piece of advice goes if you are trying to build a personal brand. You are not helping yourself with profile names of Mike_1979_1234 or davesplumbing_1936587. It needs to be targeted and searchable.

Also while you are at it make sure that it is the same or as close to the same across all the different platforms. Here at Bazookr we were lucky enough to get the name Bazookr across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, but unfortunately not twitter. What we did with Twitter was too simply add another detail about our business to make @bazookrwebsites. This still keeps within the overall naming theme we wanted. Note we didn’t simply add a number.

One last tip — If you are worried about what name people will be searching for within each Social Media platforms, you can do what foundrmag did and snap up the similar names. If you head over to @foundrmag you will see that it is a redirect account to the real account being @foundr. Now this is probably best served for those with bigger followings, I mean they have close to 1Million at the time of writing this social rant.

Anyway thanks for reading and as always if you are looking at taking your business to the next level or want to get started chasing your dreams then get started with a new website at, fixed price pay by the month websites with unlimited support and hosting included.