Almost every Nigerian has encountered a fraud (fraudster) at least once in their lifetime; either someone we know got duped or we got duped. It is a part of the Nigerian experience; almost like a rite of passage before you may refer to yourself as a bona fide Nigerian.


To talk about the importance of agriculture is not overemphasizing, especially with a population of over 200 million Nigerians to feed daily.

The problems of Agriculture in Nigeria is incomplete if we don’t talk about this value chain, agricultural marketing, which is the reason smallholder farmers are running at loss…

Stories of how viable and rewarding the investment in agriculture is can not be overemphasized because it’s the truth. Agriculture constitutes about one-third of the Nigeria GDP and is a sector identified as the highest employer of labor but Nigeria is still unable to produce enough to feed the 200…

Bazuze NG

An agricultural commodity trading platform | Creating wealth for small farmers and our financial partners by trading farm produce. We trade | You Earn

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