Netflix is on F***ing Fire
James McNab


Continuing to increase the number of distinctive (and I mean distinctive), original shows they produce will be the key to the success of Netflix, and any other VOD/streaming service for that matter. They are doing amazingly so far and I am a big fan of their documentaries. Anyone seen PRINT THE LEGEND?

I don’t think TV is dead but we essentially have a democratisation of the television commissioning process — the process by which TV Executives decide what we’re all gong to watch.

Television Commissioners at broadcasters like the BBC and Channel 4, no longer have the monopoly on what viewers’ watch. Platforms like Netflix have joined the party and now provide a much needed shop window for producers of all kind of content to distribute theirs shows.

The brilliant and really clever thing about Netflix, and the other streaming services is that they actively serve a range of audiences, including ‘niche’ audiences like kids, lovers of documentaries and even Nollywood. Every taste is catered for and mainstream TV broadcasters should take note.