TIA, the place of awesomeness! Day 3

Wow, it is day 3 already! Yet again the Andela Boot Camp has proven true to its promise of exciting challenges. Today’s tasks involved solving two algorithmic challenges and writing a simple web page using html and css.

In the first task I implemented the binary search algorithm in javascript. This may seem quite easy but it was really challenging. Moreover, the task also required that we add three custom methods to the javascript’s Array class. My first implementation threw a few errors but after some debugging and code refactoring it ran successfully and passed all the visible tests in the test suite.

Andela labs come with a test suite containing tests for each task. However, some of the tests are not visible. This helps to check some important code quality standards and ensure that your code meets the highest standards. Your program must pass both the hidden and visible tests before you can submit the lab. Sadly, I haven’t gotten my program to pass the hidden tests yet. But I won’t relent until they pass.

In order not to miss the deadline I moved on to the remaining tasks, which I was able to complete. Even as I type this post my brain is still trying to figure out what the hidden tests are and how to pass them. Stay tuned while I head over to Andela Labs to complete the outstanding task.