Intro To Working Committees

The WSBA mandate is to guide and promote comprehensive adoption of blockchain, aka distributed ledger, technologies (DLT) across financial markets.

In doing so, we assist members in the sharing of information, insights and experiences to enable strategic decisions that best serve the Wall Street Community.

To focus expertise and maximize collaboration, we utilize the following Working Committees, with associated chairpersons:

  • Blockchain and Financial Markets: Open
  • Tax and Accounting: Daniel Winters
  • Research and Innovation: Will Janensch & Justin Dombrowski
  • Economic Inclusion: Ashish Gadnis
  • Regulatory/Compliance: Open
  • Technology and Product: Bob Bonomo — see more below …

Working committees, offer broad opportunities to participate in driving this critical and innovative technology, so why not join us?

Technology & Product Working Committee — MISSION STATEMENT

The Technology & Product Working Committee of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance is the nexus of ideas & engagement for the Buy-side, Sell-side, Business & Technology Prosumers of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solutions offered or posited for the Global Capital Markets ecosystem.

We will identify, categorize, aggregate and align business needs and opportunities, with evolving vendor innovations and technology drivers, for the purpose of facilitating new Capabilities, Products & Services.

We will represent the best practices for DLT Engagement Management, from Executive Buy-In, Training and Strategy, to the Analysis, Scoring and Selection of Vendors, Tools and overall Ecosystem, to Deployment, Integration and Governance of initiatives.

In doing so, we will offer multiple areas and degrees of participation, maintain a repository of learnings and spawn specific detailed research as needed, to assure we represent the collective wisdom and consensus demand of the Wall Street community.

Bob Bonomo

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