It’s not progressive to whitesplain Bernie Sanders for minorities.
J. Ramirez

“Clinton promoted” but Sanders actually voted for it. If you’re only going to hold the woman accountable, and not even mention the wrongdoing of the male, (esp when her role was less harmful- hers were words, he legally implemented it), this is where people are calling out misogyny and sexist double standards. She can make a mistake, she’s held accountable to the utmost. He makes a mistake, ignore it and go back and focus on holding her accountable to the utmost.

No politician is pure. Everyone should be held accountable. Clinton, for sure. But Bernie is also *far* from perfect, and I see little to no criticism from his supporters. It’s frusterating to see all our anger focused at her, while he’s off the hook for seemingly everything. Again, where are his taxes? Where is his record of advocating women’s issues and actually working toward gender equality other than simple voting the right way in the senate? What major legislation has he passed while being a life-long politician, that has actually helped Americans? These are fair critiques.

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