Now is not the time to go Green (Party)
Friends of the Earth

Jill stein was getting arrested for activism at the dakota access pipeline protest… and hillary wont even acknowledge that she committed crimes by erasing emails that were court ordered. You wouldn’t catch hillary at a protest for something that pays her big bucks on the dark market of political lobby interests. Want to talk about environment… hillary is so deep in the fracking interests that she places fracking at the front of her environmental buffering system. Fracking is worse for the environment than coal or petroleum.

Fracking: The process of extracting natural gas from deep beneath the bedrock. This process is carried out mixing toxic poison chemicals into millions of gallons of good drinking water… then pumping the poisonous cocktail into the bedrock to pull the natural gas out of the cracks and pockets to be pumped out and collected. The millions of gallons of water are wasted… and the environment is destroyed. People are dealing with birth defects and volatile combustable tap water that catches on fire. It kills the environment and all the living creatures that were surviving there… before greedy hillary gave the A. O.K. to DESTROY the environment for PROFIT!!!

This is not a buffer to protect the environment. It is a trick to keep the status quo. the only thing Hillary knows how to do, other than mess up her email, is mess up the environment and make money on it. Go figure.

Green Party all the way. Jill Stein is a true activist ready to get her hands dirty and fight for actual environmental protections. Stein is willing to go to jail for a good cause… Hillary won’t go to jail for murder.

If you are tired of the status que… i e politicians telling you what you want to here… then doing the opposite, or collecting money that they shouldn’t, or feeling like you are always choosing the best of the worst… then vote 3rd party. The only vote that says you want change.

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