The interactive data visual I decided to look at talks about guns in the United States. The title of the story these graphs are associated with is “Guns in America: Our Relationship with Firearms in 5 charts.”

This article is about how many people use guns in America and how Americans believe that guns are so important. As the years go by, Americans are importing more guns every year and we double every other country in the world in the amount of people who own more than one gun. …

Accepting Nothing Less Then Being the Best

Griffon softball is looking to use last year’s successes and late season disappointments to get them back to being number one in the MIAA.

The softball team has been picked to finish second in the preseason polls heading into the 2020 campaign. They are behind the University of Central Oklahoma, who is the team that beat them in the 2019 MIAA conference tournament championship. The Griffons return eleven players from last year’s team and added nine new faces to help bring the MIAA trophy back to St. Joseph.

The last time Missouri Western…

The title of the video I decided to watch for this assignment is titled “HIGHLIGHTS: Lafayette wins over Bishop LeBlond, 67–43.

This video was about two high school rivals battling it out on the hardwood in a game that was one-sided from the start. Lafayette started the game on an 8–0 run and continued to pour it on Bishop LeBlond from inside the paint and beyond the arc throughout the duration of the game. …

The audio slideshow I decided to watch for this assignment was titled “Audio slideshow: Turmoil in Egypt.”

This story is about the numerous amount of deaths that occurred in result in the change of presidency in Egypt in the early 2010s. The presidency was considered voting for the “lesser evil,” and Mohamed Morsi ended up beating out Hosni Mubarak, who had been the president of Egypt since 1981. …

The audio story I decided to listen to was titled “OK Google: Where Do You Store Recordings Of My Commands?”

This audio story was about people who used Android phones and did voice commands on these devices. News broke that for the people who use voice commands on their android devices, their phones saved their searches from months back to their most recent ones. This made it easy for people to get an idea of the type of person you are based on your google search commands.

I liked the topic of this story, even though many people have iPhones…

I decided to talk to three people in the journalism field about critiquing my portfolio website. The three people I interviewed were Brandon Zenner from News Press Now, Kristen Carver from News Press Now, and Adam Orduna from KQ2.

Brandon Zenner
Brandon Zenner

Zenner didn’t have too much to say about my website. Overall, he really liked the design of my website and the portfolio pieces that I put on my website. However, his suggestions were very useful.

One of the first things he said about my website is that I need to get some of my work in the journalism field on my…

Kodak started in 1880 and it was the first time people didn’t have to go to an art studio or a professional photographer in order to get their picture taken.

Kodak made taking pictures more mobile friendly.

In the 1980’s Kodak was the number one company for photography. It controlled over 80 percent of the world’s photography business.

At this point in time, everything Kodak did was from film. After you took a picture with a Kodak camera, you would have to go to the store so you could get your photos produced on the film for display. …

Sadly, it seems like we can never escape fake news.

According to, fake news is nothing new, but it has been going on for years. Emails used to be the main way to receive fake news, but social media made email look like a joke in comparison.

With social media continuing to become more popular, it is even easier than before to spread fake news. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are how many people are receiving their daily dose of news, real and fake. …

All three of the blogs I read and analyzed were on NBA basketball players. All the blogs i read discussed a certain event or situation going on with a specific well-known NBA player. The intended audience for these blogs is clearly the NBA fanbase.

YardBarker is a sports blog site that covers all professional sports, along with NCAA football. They have many different blogs that extend beyond too many pages to keep track of.

YardBarker has post from different authors just a couple of times a week. They sometimes only post once a week. …

I am back on here to continue my campaign for Bead Who You Are. As stated in my last post, this business is owned by Kaitlyn Doolan, who is a Convergent Journalism major with a minor in photography at Missouri Western State University.

Her business is very low-key, but she is looking to expand her horizons and expand the number of customers she has. Not only does she have friends that purchase her products, but she has random people who have asked her about buying jewelry from her as well. …

Beau Baker-Vaughn

I am a Convergent Journalism major and a basketball player at Missouri Western.

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