Post 1: Trump on Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood, established in 1916, offers women reproductive health services inclusive to counseling for birth control, parenting and abortion. The origins of this service were to provide birth control means for women after the turn of the 20th century when such services were a violation of the Comstock Act. Over the decades, Planned Parenthood and its growth, its services, and its diversity has been attacked by those against its provisions for women. In recent years; however, the focus of debate has been the entity’s central position and services in regards to abortion.

Changes to Planned Parenthood and the Effects on Society

While those advocates of Planned Parenthood believe that the services provided are a crucial aspect of women’s rights and health in the United States, there are those who feel the abortion services are wrong. With the advent of a new president, changes to Planned Parenthood and its government funding has become quite a hot topic.

Beyond the elimination of abortion and the government eliminating any monies for its funding, there are several issues that will affect society. One of the most concerning of issues from President Trump’s determination to pull the funding from Planned Parenthood is the vital necessity for those poverty-stricken to obtain birth control will be eradicated. The current study will examine how the continuation of Planned Parenthood is vital to the welfare of many women, particularly those with a poverty level of socioeconomic status. Losing funding for Planned Parenthood would create serious social problems which may arise in a sharp increase of teenage pregnancies, of sexually transmitted diseases, of illegal abortions, and of a population that could potentially lead to an increase in poverty.

Literature Review

In Valeriya Safronova’s article, “Why You’ll See Planned Parenthood Pins at New York Fashion Week,” the author emphasized the potential reality of Planned Parenthood’s dissolution. Safronova points out that with a Republican president and a Republican-controlled Congress, the danger is real and near.

Defending Planned Parenthood against a conservative Republic government and to raise awareness and pool support for this cause, major fashion designers have chosen to wear and incorporate hot pink pins into their runway show called, “Fashion Stands with Planned Parenthood,” which will reach millions. Also, Ainara Tiefenthaler’s article, “Calls for Protests for and Against Planned Parenthood,” discussed how this very controversy has sparked a series of protests and women’s marches as advocates for Planned Parenthood protect and promote women’s rights against this threat.

Tiefenthaler argued that Planned Parenthood provides an average of 650 abortions per year to women in need along with their necessary numerous other services. While the author does not name all the service, she implies services such as HIV and STD testing, birth control, medical exams, and judgement-free abortions, all of which will be lost if Trump pulls funding from the organization before it finds another source for its subsidy.

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