iPad Pro Review: Don’t get your hopes up

My review is… ‘meh’. That’s right, its just a GIANT iPad. I like to use Steve Job’s analogy from his 2010 D8 to talk how PCs (and laptops) are like work trucks and tablets are like cars. You can get some serious work done with a truck… hauling loads of lumber, towing other cars, going off the road on rough terrain (think of any gritty, mud-splashing barn-raising cattle-driving Chevy commercial). Stuff gets built with trucks! Cars on the other hand mostly get you from point A to point B. Sure there is a wide variety of cars from sports cars, commuter cars and hybrid cars but cars don’t do heavy lifting and can only drive on nice paved roads.

I wish the iPad Pro was more like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. I’m impressed that Microsoft Surface Pro is both a computer and a tablet. With the Surface Pro 4 you can sit back and have a nice lightweight tablet experience or you can get down and do some heavy lifting. When I say heavy lifting I mean serious work and for me serious work means; 10 tabs open on my browser, a full spreadsheet, a word processor, full keyboard and mouse/touchpad. You can do this on Surface Pro 4 with external display, usb ports and keyboard for a traditional computer experience… iPad Pro, not so much.

So, if you’re dying for a huge screen or a fancy pencil the iPad Pro could be a good fit but if you’re hoping to change the way you work with the new iPad Pro… don’t get you hopes up. It’s the Cadillac Escalade of tablets… a fancy oversized commuter car that was never built to be taken off smooth smooth pavement. iPad Pro is great for content consumption, clunky for content creation.


Perhaps the most annoying thing about the iPad Pro is my brain keeps thinking its a laptop. My thumb naturally reaches for a fantom mousepad trying to move cursor that never was. Curse you iPad Pro!