Of Course #BlackLivesMatter — How Could Anything be LESS Controversial?
Mark Suster

#BlackLivesMatter is just about the least controversial slogan ever. It could have been #StopThePoliceKillingUs, or #HeyLetsTalkAboutReparations, or #RebuildThePoliceForce… there are actually political, controversial slogans that were avoided, in favor of something so undeniably obvious, you’d think no one would have a problem with it; and people still have a problem with it. People still react negatively to even the mention that black people might have lives, and that those lives have weight — even bringing it up is seen as horribly unfair. How are we ever going to progress if people resist the most basic platform from which to start the discussion? I tried thinking of a less controversial hashtag, and all I got was #BlackPeopleExist — which would probably still make people mad.