As a guy who writes code you may hate me for saying this but I use a highlighter and then write out…
Michael Thompson

That’s actually great advice: 1. I would choose my highlights wisely, 2. better retention. I will give it a try, thanks, also for the link. Ryan Holiday is one of my favorite authors and book curators.

Agreed: audiobooks are great for combining physical activity as time is always scarce. I am testing the best balance though, because I find it hard at times to concentrate on a book end-to-end. Alternating with podcasts helps. And sometimes just music to free the mind.

I’ve seen some of Tom’s interviews which I liked. Plus his notion of “number of ideas in == number of ideas out” which was another reminder to keep reading (aka justifying the addiction lol).

Regarding podcasts: I am a longtime fan of Tim’s work. His podcast is epic. He has introduced me to so many fascinating characters, books and resources! In the context of reading I loved the episode he did with Naval Ravikant.

I like Noah Kagan’s podcast too: practical self help tips, a bit more condensed. Like Tim, interesting guests and some parts that are just utterly funny.

Ditto when you are around. Good night.

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