Thanks so much for saying so Bob.
Michael Thompson

Yes, it was a good reminder to keep (prioritizing) reading. In my case it competes with coding/blogging which can be tough.

I like how you pinpointed your learnings to specific books and quotes. Second reminder: make more notes and digest learning. Practical question: what do you use to keep track of your reading and notes?

For me the benefit of reading is more implicit: I noted many improvements in my life over time which I contribute to applying what I learn, which partly comes through the (audio)books and podcasts I consume.

Maybe it’s at the subconscious level. I now am ‘addicted’ to a continuous flow of inspiration, and feel I progress more at all levels because of it. The best gift to stay hungry and curious. Every. Day.

Stop exercising and your body decays. Likewise the mind needs constant nourishment. Keep doing it and the benefits compound.

Saludos desde Alicante, ‘casi’ vecino ;) — looking forward to part II

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