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I just wanted to update that we have worked directly with the customer and also share a broader public statement on what we found and what we are doing to prevent such issues going forward. We recognize we have work to do.


On June 28, our automated systems identified potential fraudulent account activity and after human review, we suspended services on the account. After conducting an internal review, we reinstated the customer’s account in less than an hour after suspension.

We are now conducting a detailed review of our abuse prevention processes. To ensure this does not happen again, we will be doing the following around our abuse and suspension efforts:

  1. We will re-evaluate the data sources that we use to assess potential fraudulent activity.
  2. We will be implementing additional mechanisms for suspect accounts, this may include more around notifications as well as asking for earlier payment or limiting usage of additional services.
  3. We will endeavor to meaningly improve the effectiveness of how we communicate account warnings.

Protecting our customers and systems are a top priority. We sincerely apologize for this issue and are working quickly to make things better, not just for this customer but for all GCP customers.