10 Things To Google If You Want to Be an Entrepreneur

Google! What a guy!

He’s like that father figure that knows everything but when you ask him something he goes on an on about the answer, even after he’s already answered your question.

However, when you need to really dig into something, he’s the guy to go to.

So if you want to skip the traditional methods of learning shit (bah, who needs college! *Flips papers!*)

(Actually….two and a half degrees later I realized I needed college. One was for fun, the other for immigration reasons…)

But that has nothing to do with your gumption to be an entrepreneur sonny boy!

See…there’s that father figure again.

If I were Grandfather Google and wanted to tell a wise young Padawan what to learn in order to be a successful, self-employed entrepreneur; you know, the kind that looks like he never works and plays it all cool while secretly hyperventilating in the bathroom worrying about when it’s all gonna come crashing down.

Yeah, that guy.

(…..pssssst…….that guy is me…..shhhhh)

Ahem…If I were to tell him what to learn I would tell him to start with these 10 things:

“How to Create a WordPress Site”

“Yeah but why not Joomla, or Wix, or Squarespace, or (insert other non-market leader here).”

Because I said so and I’m the grandfather in this scenario so suck it up and switch to WordPress.

“How to Create a Minimum Viable Product”

Do you want to write an eBook? Create a course? A crazy new app that changes the world by muting every television if Trump is speaking through it?

Who knows!?!

But the fact is, if you want to create a business you need to sell something. If you’re just starting out you should probably start small. That’s what “minimum viable product” means.

“Content Marketing”

If you have a product to sell, make content to support why your customer needs it.

If you’re selling a service then make some introductory content to teach your target audience how to start. When they inevitably give up on learning it themselves they’ll remember you and come back for your service.

Target audience you say? What’s that? Funny you should ask…

“How To Find Your Target Market”

If your target audience is “Everyone on Earth” then you’re probably God and I’m very happy to meet you. I thought you didn’t exist.

But since you’re probably not the All Mighty Creator you need to narrow your scope down a little. Show some Goddamn humility!

Figure out your demographics, psychographics, geographics, dingographics, sanigraphics, musographics and all those other graphics that don’t exist.

“How To Write a Sales Page”

Writing copy is hard. Really fucking hard. Start climbing Mt. KilimanCopy immediately.

“How To Build an Email List”

It’s the best way to sell your products, hands down. Refer to this 10Weekly for some additional thoughts on the matter.

“How to Do Keyword Research and SEO”

This is less important if you’ve been in business for long. I don’t bother with too much SEO anymore on Audio Issues because I‘ve written over 1,000 blog posts there and it’s been heavily optimized for Google.

But if you’re at square #1 make sure you know how your target market is finding sites about your product or niche. Then create content around those topics.

“How to Outsource Tasks”

I’ve had an assistant for years that takes care of all the stuff I don’t have time to do. This includes email support, filing things away, doing research and other tasks I don’t want to spend mental energy on (because I’d rather write stupid articles like this for you sweetheart!)

I also never do my own graphic design, video and podcast editing or other things I know I can hire for less than the opportunity-cost of doing it myself.

“How to Sell Without Feeling Sleazy”

This is a hard thing to overcome.

This is similar to writing copy but your “sales voice” permeates your entire brand, especially if you’re launching a new product.

Make sure you’re more “look at this cool solution I have to your annoying problem” than “look at this shitty lemon of a car I’ll do anything to pawn off onto your stupid hands.”

“How to Price Your Products”

Pricing is an incredibly interesting subject.

Once you have more than one product you really need to think about creating levels for your pricing.

  • Maybe there’s an introductory product that solves problem A.
  • Then you have a middle tier product that solves Problem A — E.
  • Then you have a super high tier, a “let me hold your hand and walk you through this on the beach in the moonlight and cuddle with you when we solve the problem together” pricy as fuck tier that only 0.001% of your target market buys because it requires all of your time and effort. But for the price, who cares!

So, enjoy your newfound life as an entrepreneur after bathing in the bountiful bath that is Google.

What entrepreneurial problems have you been having lately?

Let me know!

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