Unlock the Expert Advice You Can Exploit From These 10 Books

10 Remarkable Mentors for an Outstanding Work/Life Balance

No Real-Life Mentor Can Live Up to the Expert Advice You Can Exploit from Books.

Although a real life mentor might be a huge asset for your personal improvements, I would actually argue that books might sometimes be better.

You can consume all these different mentorships from books more efficiently than if you were just stuck with the one Yoda.

And with the Kindle, it’s easier than ever to find books that you’re interested in. The Kindle is probably my favorite electronic device because it doesn’t have any distractions. It’s just for reading. Not for wasting time on Facebook and checking email. It makes you focus on actually consuming information that (hopefully, given that you’re picking the right books) makes you smarter.

I just subscribed to the Kindle Unlimited program because I was spending too much money on the Kindle store so I hope to become more knowledgeable for less money that way.

But anyways, here are the 10 books that have changed my life, business, income and lifestyle for the better.

I could give you so many more recommendations if I really dove back into history but these are the most recent ones that have given me the most wins.

The Go Giver

This is a short read packed with great guiding principles on how to be a successful business person.

It’s one of those books I buy, read, and then give to somebody I think should read it.

Then I buy it again next year to read it anew. Rinse and repeat.

I Will Teach You to be Rich

Ramit can be a hard-ass but I enjoy no BS tough love when it comes to improvement.

My favorite thing that I took from this book was automating my finances, especially when it comes to saving and investing. I basically thought about setting up a simple system for saving for retirement for about an hour a few years ago and since then it’s been chugging along in the background.

The One Thing

This is a great book on productivity. It simplifies everything into focusing on only the one thing that’s most important at each time.

It’ll skyrocket your productivity and transform how you structure your work day.

The Four Hour Workweek

This is the book that started it all.

If it weren’t for Mr. Tim Ferriss my life would’ve been relegated to low income jobs and a boring life. Instead, I’m successfully self-employed and get to do what I want to do every day. Pretty good trade-off just for reading one book.

I basically implemented every principle in this book to get where I am today.

The War of Art

I want to call this the blue-collar method to creativity.

Basically you just focus on doing the work as a habit and a ritual every day.

Once you’ve finished a project you get up the next day and start a new one.

10% Happier

A very interesting read about one man’s introduction to meditation and mindfulness.

I only mediate 10 minutes a day but it’s been crucial in keeping me sane.

This book helped me make meditation a habit.


It’s hard to describe why this book is good.

It’s ’inspirational in many ways, and includes a lot of stories about individuals that became masters in their field. I need to read/listen to it again

How to Talk to Anyone

I was originally going to put “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie on here but I think this one is better.

If somebody updated Carnegie’s book for the new generation, this would be it.

I’m Not for Everyone. Neither Are You.

I love this book.

It’s a really easy read (with a foreword by Steven Pressfield!) but it encapsulates why it’s pointless to try to please everyone all the time.

I have my thing and I know there’s an audience that likes what I’m about. It’s actually quite pointless of me to try to go after those who won’t ever like me no matter what I do.

Best to stick with what I’m good at, being lovingly abrasive and direct.

The Art of Non-Conformity

This is one of those books like the 4 Hour Work Week that make you realize that the typical path “they” tell you to take isn’t necessary at all.

You can still do what you love, achieve your goals AND pay your bills without taking a job you hate.

Those are some of the books that have drastically changed my life for the better. I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments. I’m always on the look-out for more stuff to read!

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