5 hours of free, live-code cloud education from Microsoft live streamed from New York!

The Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour will be streamed live tomorrow morning from New York City — use this link: https://aka.ms/rstlive.

Check out the action so far. Scott Guthrie is coding live for 5 hours. Aside from being a pretty great presenter, Scott is also responsible for several parts of Microsoft that employ ~25000 employees around the world.

Here’s why he does this in his own words:

I find there is nothing like having to be able to build 5 hours of demos and show them off live to 1000s of developers, and to be ready to answer their detailed questions back, to force me to know the product really well.

This is one of the things I love about working as a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft. Everyone codes!

(And Scott, I’m stealing lots of your material for an upcoming Java Roadshow!)

See you online!