Recent past talks are listed below, including links to recordings, presentations, etc.

You can see upcoming talks here.

If you have a speaking opportunity that you think I may be a good fit for, please let me know! (Anything related to Java and cloud worldwide is a good start.)

October 31, 2017: Dublin Java User Group, Ireland

November 2, 2017: J-Fall, Ede, Netherlands

November 7–10, 2017: Oredev, Malmo, Sweden

November 14–16, 2017: Devoxx Morocco, Casablanca

December 4–7, 2017: SpringOne San Francisco, USA

September 24–28, 2018 — Orlando, Florida

Microsoft Ignite

I co-presented two sessions:

October 22–25, 2018 — San Francisco, CA

Oracle Code One

Delivered 2 sessions (only one was recorded):

Session Catalog:

October 26–27, 2018 — Banff, Alberta, Canada

Voxxed Days Banff

Delivered two sessions:

December 4, 2018 — Online

Microsoft Connect(); 2018

4:10 PM–4:50 PM PT
Java and MicroProfile: Building microservices in style

Learn the steps required to design, build, deploy, and orchestrate a cloud native microservice architecture using Java and Eclipse MicroProfile. We’ll use Red Hat’s MicroProfile (former WildFly Swarm) implementation known as Thorntail, optimized for deployment to OpenShift and integrated with Azure services.

Ignite | The Tour Part I

I presented multiple sessions at these locations.
You can find the slides and code on each site.

December 11–12, 2018 — São Paulo, Brazil
January 16–17 — Singapore

Ignite | The Tour Part II

I presented multiple sessions at these locations.
You can find the slides and code on each site.

January 28–29, 2019 — Johannesburg
January 31 — February 1, 2019 — Milan
February 4–5, 2019 — Washington, D.C.

Oracle Code One 2019
San Francisco, September 16–19

I presented one session:

Reliable Code for the Cloud with MicroProfile and OpenTracing

This code-heavy, interactive presentation describes how to use OpenTracing ( with Jaeger ( and annotations in MicroProfile and other microservice architectures to reliably improve and deploy updated versions of your applications to OpenShift and Kubernetes in the cloud. Topics include best practices for performance analysis and maintaining delivery pipelines with the Linux command line, plus tips on the best free OpenTracing tools and SDKs available on GitHub.

October 10 — Online
Develop. Deploy. Deliver continuously (A Red Hat Webinar)

I delivered one session: Building microservices on Azure with Java and Microprofile with James Falkner, Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat.

Microsoft Ignite
Orlando: Nov 4th 19 — Nov 8th 19

15 Minutes: Azure and the command line — options, tips and tricks
Enhancing Web Applications with Cloud Intelligence
Managing Delivery of Your App via DevOps

Microsoft Ignite — The Tour — November 2019 to May 2020

For this tour, I’ve helped develop the sessions, and will be helping local speakers deliver sessions to their local communities in their local languages. Especially Australia. :). I’m also delivering several sessions myself at each location. See you there!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing everyone on the road!

Paris : Nov 13th 19 — Nov 14th 19
Tokyo: Dec 5th 19 — Dec 6th 19
Shenzhen : Jan 13th 20 — Jan 14th 20
Seoul : Jan 21st 20 — Jan 22nd 20
Milan : Jan 27th 20 — Jan 28th 20
Sydney : Feb 13th 20 — Feb 14th 20
Prague : Feb 23rd 20 — Feb 25th 20
Copenhagen : Feb 27th 20 — Feb 28th 20

Cloud advocate for @Microsoft @Azure

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