Videos are (already) ready for the Java sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2018!

I’m amazed at how fast the Microsoft Ignite team turns around the session videos. We just finished last Friday and all the Java videos are ready today! Below are a listing of the talks, abstracts, speakers and the videos. Enjoy!

BRK3207 — Build cloud-native applications using Java and open source tools

Join us to learn how to build cloud-native apps using Java and open source tools that are not traditionally associated with Microsoft. We focus on a few case studies that provide secure, robust, and scalable solutions, and explore special considerations for these types of applications. By the end of the session, you should have a good overview of what a powerful non-Microsoft cloud architecture needs to function, and how that architecture can be adapted for most common app scenarios.

BRK3343 — Java and MicroProfile on Azure: Building microservices in style

This session dives into the steps required to design, build, deploy, and orchestrate a cloud native microservice architecture using Java and Eclipse MicroProfile. We use Red Hat’s MicroProfile implementation known as Thorntail, optimized for deployment to OpenShift and integrated with Azure services. Hear from Microsoft and Red Hat experts how adopting Cloud Native open source projects and open standards, while making use of tools, APIs, and Java specifications that developers are already familiar with, can allow you to achieve superior productivity. This session includes an overview of MicroProfile and demonstrations of how to put it into practice in the cloud.

BRK3353 — Building Java responsive event-driven systems with serverless

  • Asir Vedamuthu

Speed is what matters in software. But it is not about going fast just for the sake of it. It’s about learning quickly and delivering insights and capabilities that move you forward. How does event processing make this possible? What role does serverless technology play? In this session, we look at event-driven architectures, and how to realize it with a Java-centric solution. We show how using multiple components, including Spring Boot, Event Hubs, Azure Cosmos DB, App Service, Functions, and Spring Cloud Function. If you are searching for the knowledge to deliver modern and responsive systems, this is your session!

THR3103 — Azure DevOps using Jenkins, Terraform and Ansible

  • Mark Gray

Made for those developing in Java, Node.js, Go, .NET or any other language, this session starts with a tour of Azure integrations with Jenkins, Terraform, and Ansible. We show how to use Jenkins for continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD) along with Terraform for provisioning and Ansible for configuration management in a toolchain targeting Kubernetes or Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS). We also cover DevOps best practices including infrastructure as code, zero downtime deployment, immutable infrastructure, among others.