5 reasons product design for employees matters

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2 min readOct 4, 2021

Why a digital product built as a tool for business- rather than a service for consumers — also deserves some visual TLC.

Design is for everyone
All users of [digital] products have needs — and feelings, too. Don’t assume that your employees are indifferent to the user interface of a tool — or worse, that it’s accessible for everyone — just because they are required to use it.

Employee tools are used very often
Think of them like an office chair. They must be ergonomic, comfortable and adjustable. But you want them to match your office interior too, so that visitors and candidates get a good impression. Right?

Employees choose to work for you
Beat the competition and attract the best staff by offering them tools that they want, need and love.

Design is an enabler, not an obstacle
Good design is often invisible — great design can make you feel happy, delighted, encouraged and empowered. Use it to motivate your people and make their day better.

Brand matters
Your brand matters to your employees too, not just to the consumers. Win their hearts with tools that are beyond just functional, and embrace your company’s purpose & identity. Give them something to be proud of.

By Malin Persson
Design Director @ BBH Stockholm

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