Recently, co-working offices have become increasingly popular and this should come as no surprise. These co-working hubs offer numerous advantages to any form of business. It’s a great stepping stone for freelancers and startups while providing great networking opportunities are to large businesses.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the factors that one should consider when choosing a co-working space and why Bleu Business Hub is the obvious choice!

Office Amenities

BBH offers you more than just the usual office equipment. Clients can just choose their desk or office and they’re ready to focus on their business as we offer ‘plug n play’ solutions. Clients have access to:

  • a well-equipped kitchen offering coffee and tea to start your day with enough energy
  • water dispenser
  • shower
  • receptionist and printing services
  • conference room including smart TV and whiteboard
  • stationary so you don’t have to leave the office to stock up your pencil case
  • a balcony with comfy furniture to get that much needed Vitamin D and rest

Atmosphere and Work Environment

With so many co-working hubs to choose from, focusing on the actual aesthetic of the space is vital. Make sure you look for a space that matches your personality which promotes productivity, creativity and networking. Furthermore, lighting and the actual atmosphere of the place will greatly affect your productivity.

BBH offers a spacious co-working space filled with natural light to energise your day. Furthermore, our balcony offers stunning views of the Marina and is fully equipped with outside furniture so anyone can go out, sit and relax during a busy day of being productive. Why don’t you come check out the hub for yourself? Click this to book a tour.


Each and every one of us is productive in his or her own way. Some work more efficiently during the early morning while night-owls prefer to work late. Hence, BBH is open 24/7 so our clients can walk in and out of the hub at any time they want, no restrictions whatsoever.

High-Speed WiFi

An office is as good as its WiFi! It really does not matter if you’re using the internet to engage with clients on social media or if you’re dealing with larger data files, an effective co-working hub should provide a strong WiFi connection. At BBH, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to finish all your projects in a timely manner as we offer high broadband WiFi throughout the whole premises.


This one is pretty obvious but it should not be taken for granted. BBH is located in Pieta, in the centre of Malta. Hence, it is very close to Valletta, the capital city of the island, and the Sliema/St Julians area. Moreover, a bus stop is located right in front of the office building with numerous buses passing every few minutes and a vast parking area can also be found next to the Marina so parking is never a problem and getting to the office is easy as ABC.

Membership Schemes

As opposed to other co-working spaces, BBH offers flexible and affordable membership programmes with no hidden fees whatsoever, perfect for any form of business. Furthermore, each client is provided with 6 hours per month to use the conference room for free. Everything else is included so you do not have to worry about extra costs. Just plug and play.

At BBH, let us deal with providing you with the right office space and atmosphere while you focus on enhancing your business. Come visit us and your future office space.

A contemporary co-working hub which provides the perfect space and opportunities for any business to grow in the right direction.