LiDAR and VR Simulations

LiDAR is the laser emitting tech that allows autonomous vehicles and robots like Atlas to map its surroundings. This tech has been around for a while allowing NASA satellites to map forest systems and the topography of Mars. Currently LiDAR can make highly detailed 3-D models, but it will take a high end processor of the future to run it on VR.

What are things I think LiDAR could solve someday: easy to make VR/AR/MR 3-D assets and Hyperreal Simulations

Currently If one wants to make something in a virtual program there are several steps to be taken. Find the object you want in the program, take pictures from several angles of the object, upload to your favorite modeling software, starting from a box and molding it into the object at each angle, then add texturing, and several other steps that are best left to graphic designers.

The newest ssLiDAR has a supposed accuracy up to 5cm and refresh data at millisecond scale. If the level of accuracy could increase to millimeter scale or even just 1cm. It would be amazing to be able to roll in a LiDAR scanner near the object you want then upload it to a modeling software program that can turn it into a CAD file and then upload it to your favorite virtual reality software engine.

This will not only be an easy way to make 3-D assets for your virtual reality program. This will lead to a new era of hyper real simulation and enhance the immersion and presence that VR causes. Meeting with friends at any location in the world with enough detail to lean into a painting on the wall and see the cracks within it would be surreal.

Looking forward to the future.

Dr. B

Interesting videos: It is amazing that for a couple thousand dollars several models of vehicles can be retrofitted with technology to make them autonomous!