we will control our own culture

the 1% money-people can’t middle-man us any more

the powers-that-be keep trying to force d.r.m. on the world.

now they’re trying to install it in the web-browser.

which would be very convenient for them, now that they’ve made sure that the web-browser is how everybody navigates the digital world these days.

and, with d.r.m. installed as their toll-both, the 1% can extract a fee from us every time we try to go anywhere or use anything in that digital world.

unless we circumvent them.

so let’s start planning that circumvention right now.

we know how to disintermediate the middle-man.

so we don’t have to stand for their incessant power-grabs.

we create the culture. we compose the songs, and we sing along. we recite the poems, and write the novels, and make the scuptures and the paintings. we are the artists. they just grab ownership and cull off all the profits, which they obtain only because _we_ want to access the culture _we’ve_created!_

once upon a time, we needed them to help us spread the culture.

but no longer. now we have the tool that we can use to spread it ourselves.

that tool is the internet, and we will not allow them to choke off our access.

if they install d.r.m. in the web-browser — and it certainly looks like they are determined to do just that — we’ll snub the web and create our own protocol to allow ourselves to share our culture among ourselves as free individuals.

listen up, you money-grubbers: we will not play your pay-to-play game.