MVVM with UITableViews — Using forms (part 2)

  • It contains multiple sections and different kinds of input cells: picker, switch, text field cells etc.
  • One section can be shown or hidden depending of values chosen in another section.
  • Every section will have validation on it’s cells
  • Each section might have some logic for showing / hiding cells depending of the category of the place shown.
  1. Base info section, contains the name, description and category for a place.
  2. Place details section has many details about the place like length, width, area etc. Depending of the place of the category (river, lake or mountain) has other properties specific to it.
  3. Location info section, contains the country and a switch for whether the forth section for coordinates should be shown.
  4. Coordinates section has two fields for the coordinates of a place.
  5. Button section is just the button cell for submitting the form.
Place form for editing and adding new place
  1. PlaceDetailsVC — the main view controller for the form. Handles strictly the UI things: registering cells, updating view, handling keyboard and picker view (~120 lines of code).
  • Sets up all the sections
  • Handles all updates from the cells it knows whether to show / hide a section or just propagate the data to its corresponding section.
  • Properties for the cells data
  • Computed properties that generate the view models for its cells
  • Validation of the fields
  • Updating of the data properties
  • Same concept as previously except that these cells contain delegates conforming to PlaceDetailsVMUpdateDelegate for sending updates when the user enters text, flicks the switch or clicks on the picker label.
Place details screen test examples





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