People:How to spot insecurity

I used to be upset when someone would downplay an achievement I was proud of or say something to “bring me down” a notch. This happens in all types of settings, the workplace seems to be a frequent place of this due to its competitive nature but it can even come from a close friend, a family member, even someone you admire. I realized it was never about me but really about them and the perceived threat that achievement brings on their own life. I myself have done it unintentionally at times, just remember to keep on your own lane.

First, stop racing with someone in an entirely different lane from you, I didn’t say a better lane just a different lane with other objectives and priorities than what you may have.

Second, there is always hidden struggles that one does not see, we love to put our best face forward in person and especially on social media but behind the scenes, it’s not picture perfect so remember that as well.

Lastly, you probably don’t need validation from the person anyway so why should you care about the insult. Make sure you analyze the difference between an insult and criticism and the approach speaks volumes….. All in all, keep going, keep believing in yourself, and pray that others find their calling or thing that makes them happy internally with themselves.

As always thanks for reading, always appreciate comments and feedback about these post to help me know if my words are of interest or helpful to you in anyway.

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