I’m really confused as to why people are wasting their time on the media coverage of this election— especially the mainstream mass media coverage. By now we should all know that the most far reaching traditional forms of mass media are trash. Why are people paying attention to it and why are people spreading it via their personal media platforms? With November just around the corner — most folk have already made up their mind. Those that stand with Trump are a lost cause as far as this election goes; and whoever is conflicted about wether they should vote for Hilary, vote third party, or not vote at all realistically only need to pay attention to Hilary and third party candidate’s campaigns to come to a decision they can be at peace with.

So again I ask — where’s the value in paying any attention to sensationalized mass media coverage— especially as it relates to Trump? Realistically one doesn’t even have to watch or listen to anything live or on television concerning this election. It’s very possible to filter through all the crap and access only the information needed to best inform any final decision that needs to be made. Do people just have time to waste? Do people have a secret desire to be stressed and have high blood pressure? Are people bored? Are there not better ways for people to spend their time and energy and better things for people to talk about? These questions are only partially rhetorical.

I’m slightly confounded, bewildered, frustrated, and quite frankly — a little sad. So many people I know, respect, and love willingly watched that clown show of a debate at the end of September. Which is not to say everything about this years election has been anything but circus-like. It was like I couldn’t escape it anywhere I went. If there was a television or radio nearby people were watching and/or listening to it. It was actually a slightly traumatic and draining experience for me. Content about Trump continues to be shared when it’s already been made crystal clear he’s a crappy human and candidate. So why watch it? Why spread it? For sport? Do people enjoy the rush of adrenaline that anger, outrage, and frustration bring? Is laughing to keep from crying really the best option here? I’m just feeling like people are either consciously or subconsciously gluttons for fuckery (which is truly the best word to describe this election) as long as they can safely label it “entertaining.”

I am exhausted by the particular and minimal amount of media driven information I allow into my own life; so I shudder at the thought of the mental and emotional toll people are consistently volunteering themselves for. There is a substantial amount of important work to be done on this earth — internally/within ourselves, communally, and globally. Like Bee’s are officially an endangered species and “Atmospheric Carbon Levels Pass the Point of No Return.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if there’s no habitable planet to live on then there’s not much else to debate over, because we won’t be alive for any of it to matter.

Bottom line. Protect your energy, spend your time wisely, and remember that self-care comes in many forms. Real talk.