Using k8s in a way that actually bin packs is not easy and it’s certainly not where anyone starts. I talked about exactly this at MuCon last year — the tech exists to be more efficient but if we prioritise developer productivity over cost then we probably won’t actually use it.
I like your comment!
Anne Currie

it sums up it all : what’s the real point besides keeping the cloud-hype alive ?!

Without exagerating that much, most people have a 3/4 months learning curve just to understand they need 3/4 more months to get things stable at a decent cost… who can and want to afford it ? Google is kind enough to help you get trapped by offering you the two first month for free

Sure that won’t be told but this is reality. This is all unreasonable, did not even tought about the eco footprint this will cause…

I’ll stop my rant as there’s not reason to go further


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