The more of the available resources AWS can use (higher utilisation or server density) the more $$$ they make and the more energy efficient they are.
Anne Currie

Quite a lie, in the end cloud providers are overpricing resources, moreover encouraging you to use way way way more than you might expect

Kubernetes starts with 3 default nodes (yeah you’ve read it, defaults). And I should have said “safe amount” instead of defaults

This part is actually the key to save money, but strangely, none ones ever really highlight this part when talking about kubernetes, and only focus on what seems cool from the outside.

The promised savings won’t be reached without actually mastering the resources part of it. This is where things gets creepy, this is also when you start understanding what autoscaling effectively means. This autoscaling promise can only be reached if you’re eager to spend way way way more than what the on-prem unused resources used to cost

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