MinCap almost reached. Ready to trade ?

Being in the middle of a Token Sale and we are happy to announce, that we have almost reached our MinCap (2,500,000 BBD tokens). As of today, we have issued 2,102,230 BBD tokens. This means that we need to approx. issue an additional 400,000 tokens to reach the MinCap level. After the MinCap is passed, all tokens are exchangeable on https://etherdelta.com.

Actually, BBD tokens are already listed on the exchange. Please see the image below:


However, our tokens can not be exchanged at present. You can only send an order and place it in the orderbook. Trading will only be possible once the MinCap is reached.

Additionally, we are taking all the steps necessary for introducing BBD tokens to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. This requires more time and effort as the exchanges have audits to perform. We will be in touch with you.

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