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At the moment I only have a broad outline of the party’s platform and an idea for the party’s name: The Doughnut Party.

So to start this project off, let’s just address the elephant in the room (no political pun intended): YES. I am aware that doughnuts are quite unhealthy for us to eat. Terrible, in fact. But we also all love them, right? So the Doughnut Party already offers us something that we can all agree upon! What a beautiful place for a new party to start.

My only other condition is that this new party should be formed…

Reflective equilibrium is a philosophical concept that emerged in the late 20th century. While other philosophers may have described similar concepts earlier, the actual phrase was first used by the political philosopher John Rawls in his 1971 book Theory of Justice. Upfront, I must admit that when I first read Rawls as a philosophy student many moons ago, the details of the main arguments contained in his series of books (in which he attempts to develop a just theory of distributive justice) either went over my head, or else I have long since forgotten them.

But the good news is…

I am baffled by the number people I encounter at my workplace and in my social feeds (some of you reading this perhaps) that continue to say “All live matter” in response to what’s happening this week. Please know that when you say that you sound not only incredibly insensitive, but also illogical.

Explanation of the illogical part: If you hear someone say “Use your turn signal!” you don’t reply with “But all rules of the road matter!” Do you?

And if you happen to be a person who follows all rules of the road *to a T* (you probably…

Benett Bootz

MA Philosophy and BS Physics. Interracial husband and father, avid foodie and reader. Hobby gamer, gardener, philosopher, and writer. Usually in that order.

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