What is Action Based Learning?

Epps Island Elementary represents Klein ISD at The Greater Houston Kinesthetic Classroom Collaborative

Unbelievable things are happening at Epps Island Elementary! Action Based Learning (ABL) is adding excitement, engagement, and fun to the toolboxes of the campus staff! With an established K-2nd ABL Lab, and an up and coming 3–5th grade ABL lab, the opportunities for students to get up, get moving, and get excited about learning are endless!

What is Action Based Learning?

Action Based Learning™ is based on the brain research that strongly supports the link between movement and learning. We know that healthy, active students, make better learners! So how do we apply this to the classroom? Action Based Learning provides educational training that focuses on creating an optimal learning environments for all students, through movement. ABL strategies are teacher friendly, time efficient, and most importantly — make learning fun for students. Students engaged in Action Based Learning show improved memory retention, increased focus and attention, improved grades, and less behavioral issues. (https://www.youthfit.com/abl)

Action Based Learning Labs are designed to prepare the brain for learning. Each active learning station in the lab, applies what we know about the brain body connection by focusing on the 12 foundations of Learning Readiness. For example, the body’s vestibular system controls balance and spatial awareness. Strengthening these foundations facilitates the students ability to place words and letters on a page. When a student walks or crawls in specific patterns, the brain’s ability to encode symbols is increased. Proper development and remediation of these systems are critical to a child’s ability to learn. (https://www.youthfit.com/abl)

Want to learn more?

Search the hashtag #ShowMeYourABL on Twitter! There you will find many videos and examples of both lab activities, as well as classroom activities (some can be done with no special equipment or resources required)!

Come hear our story!

On Wednesday, April 25th the Greater Houston Kinesthetic Classroom Collaborative will be coming to Epps Island Elementary from 9am-11am! Meet experts from Alief, Pasadena, and Spring Branch ISD just to name a few! Learn what they know about Action Based Learning, and how they have been implementing it in their districts for years with great success!