I joined Manchester Makerspace

…and so should you.

This week I became a member of my local makerspace. This is a group of like minded community members that develop, create, craft and collaborate.

Located in the Manchester NH Millyard area. The facility is raw with space to get your hands dirty working on motors and mechanical, woodworking and metal. There is even an area to write code, 3d print, laser cut, and even work on your art whether its painting, sculpture, or any large format work.

I got a chance to tour the facility Monday evening when they had an open house. Once you join you receive a keycard that offers you 24 hour access to the space. So you can get there when inspiration and schedule allows. This has me inspired to think very differently about the space I live and the items I use everyday. Do I really need to replace a piece of furniture, or can it be repaired? Can I come up with my own design for LED lighting in all of my closets? With a full wood shop at my disposal all of those Yankee Worksop videos I watch seem a little bit closer to mastering. As a home owner, tinkerer, and geek I have found my laboratory.

The bottom line is. I have never worked with my hands. I have never built any furniture, or designed and built anything larger than a few 3d printed trinkets. Even so I am inspired by the entrepreneurs, craftsman, artists and hobbyist that are part of the Manchester Makerspace. They are all open to sharing their knowledge, experience, and ideas. That means something to me and I look forward to collaborating there. I can guarantee that most of my projects there will not be masterpieces. Even so I am encouraged to start creating. I am excited that I became a member. I also encourage you to join as well. If you have any questions I am happy to answer them or direct you to a member who can. This is a great resource in Manchester I would love to see who will join me in supporting it.

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