If Handel Wins in GA06

GA06 will be yet another election in which two issues undergird much of the GOP’s support: guns and abortion. If Handel wins, it will be another win for the “Religious” Right in the South. At some point, the rest of us might have to decide whether it’s worth hanging around in red states. It certainly would be easier just to move to one of the hated coasts and let our co-citizens impose their pinched and rigid commitments on everybody else within striking distance of their red state legislatures. As I’ve said before, there is considerable merit to the proposal, often made half in jest by liberal writers, that we ought to embrace the federalism the Right so desperately wants, radically reduce the scope of federal authority, and live the way we want to live in blue states or states we can turn blue by moving to them. Of course, the best and brightest of the young in the red states will want to join us, and they’ll be welcome, Amen.

Originally published at bobbrussackonpolitics.com on June 20, 2017.