Why I Decided To End My Campaign: I love my people and my city too much.
Edwin Lindo

Thanks for this message and your tremendous moral courage. Your piece reminds me of this quote:

“The standard liberal story — that we need government to help tame the market for the benefit of ordinary citizens — loses credibility as well as veracity, since the plutocrats are inside the gates. This helps explain why right-wing populists have some credibility: Wall Street and Washington are all the same crowd.” —Robert Kuttner

There is a direct link between our “left” party abandoning the working class, and the increased racist sentiment on the right. It’s so frustrating to see establishment Dems who display a smug sense of moral superiority over Republicans when it’s their neoliberal policies that creates an environment where inequality is vast. Well, guess what? Some people’s emotional reaction to that environment is “Build a wall! Mexicans are taking our resources and jobs!”

I agree with you: It’s up to us, the people, to stand up to power. To paraphrase David Hume, if we inquire into the means that the powerful are able to govern, we see that it is consent alone that allows such domination to take place. If the governed collectively refuse to give their consent, the game is over.

I don’t know how radical your politics are, but my hope is that some Sanders supporters become actual socialists that desire common ownership of the means of production. If we challenge the very social structure that allows the ruling class’s domination (capitalism) then we can extract concessions from them in a New Deal type of legislation. Is this fanciful? Perhaps, but it must be done. It is morally required.

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