Hatred and Deceit: “Palestine Awareness Week” at Stanford

Dearest John,

When are you Hasbarians going to ever get it? Do they teach logic at Stanford? Critical thinking? Because the following is a straw man John, a logical fallacy, an insult to intelligence:

“In Israel, Arabs have full citizen and voting rights, unlike in apartheid South Africa, where blacks enjoyed none of these rights. Arabs are well-represented and treated equally across the professions in Israel.”

I got that far and realized it was the same or tired dreck, the Hasbara justification for an illegal and immoral occupation of the indigenous Muslim Palestinians in Palestine.

Look John, the jig is up. First of all, you cannot hide the more than 640,000 illegal squatters in Palestine, they make quite a ruckus with their terrorism and burnings of entire innocent Palestinians alive, so we all know they are there. They are irrepressible.

The other thing is that Israel has been an illegal occupier state since the very first building went up in Kfar Etzion in 1967 because as well all know, well, errr, I mean everyone outside of Israel knows that ‘territory acquired by war is inadmissible’. It’s right there in UNSCR 242 so it’s always surprising when people ignore it.

There are four million disenfranchised Palestinians John with the rest under a siege that resembles the Warsaw Ghetto minus the trains … so far.

Next time when you want to write a factual piece, include all the facts.

Either remove your 640,000 illegal colonists tomorrow or simply admit that you never had any intention of doing so. Merkava tanks cannot dislodge those illegal squatters. Although there won’t be a public broadcaster any more to report on that in an objective way because the self-admitted war criminal closed it down.

Like the orange buffoon of doom (OBOD). The rise of the right is beginning to terrify even the right. I told them to be careful for what they wished for.