When Native Americans start using children and teens as suicide bombers and killers to sneak into…
Jackie Rozell

I am an American Indian, and I think you are not telling the truth. We fought long and hard against genocide, the the point where the saying went, ‘the only good Indian is a dead Indian.’

It’s a long time since the Indian Removal Act, and a lot of law and history has been made in the time. We American Indians did not have the Hague Convention of 1907, nor did we have the League of Nations Covenant, nor the Geneva Conventions, nor the International Court of Justice or the UN, or the Rome Statute, the ICC and the UN Convention on Prevention of Genocide.

The Palestinians have all these things and more, and today’s indigenous Palestinians are indeed yesterday’s Indians.

Michael Hess, writing from Santa Ana Pueblo New Mexico and proud supporter of Jewish Voice for Peace, BDS and BLM

Sure protests are peaceful now, but you left out scads of history that says otherwise.

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