A nightmare in every engineering student or may be others also until they can feel the goodness of coding and start enjoying it..

My experience with coding is quite normal. Before joining my B.Tech course, I already learned C programming and also C++ from my father and had basic knowledge regarding programming languages. So beginning of my coding practice is quite easy for me compared to others. Even i was unable to solve questions other than basic logics.

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But 1 online course of NPTEL changed my thought about coding and I started enjoying it. Even now I am not a pro in coding but I can learn and do it in a better way than before.

During my learning, I thought of dividing “CODING” into 4 different stages from basic to advanced level.

First year of engineering — We should learn simple languages like C or C++ and start in a simple way and also should learn basic datastructures.

Second year of engineering — Start learning advanced datastructures along with practicing different levels of questions from basic to medium level. Focus more on logic building. Can learn new languages like python or java.

Third year of engineering — Should start solving or practicing advanced level questions and be able to understand lengthy questions,logic etc. Also focus on optimising the code for efficiency.

Fourth year of engineering — Nothing to do here, just implementing what we have learned and continue learning…

My interpretation may not be applicable for everyone but I strongly believe in this process and I suggest it.

Hope you find some inspiration as I found my inspiration from an online course:)

By the way, NPTEL course name is “Introduction to Programming in C” and I am sure you can try and experience it!

Thnx for reading!!!!

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