Here I Am, Use Me.

This past Wednesday, I attended a Worship Service at church where our pastor, Matt, started talking about our talents, and how we can use them not only to praise God, but also to lead others to Christ. Of course, this is something common that we hear growing up in church, to use our talents to bring glory to God — but Matt used the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 to back his perspective.

We’re all familiar with the feeding of the 5,000 that is mentioned in all four of the gospels. The crowds were hungry and needed something to eat. When the disciples addressed their concerns to Jesus, He asked them to give the crowd something to eat. However, the disciples replied that they only had 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. The end of the story is that Jesus multiplied the small lunch and the disciples collected 12 basketfuls of food that were left over — more food than they had in the beginning.

While Matt was explaining this, I was like okay, that’s a nice story, but I was being touched by other parts of the service so his message slipped my mind until today. I was reading towards the end of Matthew where Jesus is using parable after parable to prophesy about His second coming. While reading The Parable of the Talents, God hit me with a wakeup call. Maybe it was because Jesus used the term “talents” in the story. During Biblical times, a talent was an amount of money — in fact, it was a large sum of money worth about 1.25 million dollars today. However, to me, while I was reading this passage, the talents Jesus was talking about, were the abilities God’s given me.

I love The Parable of the Talents because it encourages me to share the gift of salvation to those around me, so they can share with others, and my investments in the original people would be multiplied. However, today, I was the servant who the master gave one talent to, and the servent went and buried it in the ground. See, God’s given me many talents, but I seldom view them as instruments that He’s given me to reach others for Him.

And, while reading this passage today, I remembered Wednesday night when Matt was explaining the significance of our gifts and abilities. Matt said that God is our provider, but He wants to multiply and use what He’s already given to us.

Jesus couldn’t multiply the food and feed the 5,000 if the little boy hadn’t have offered his lunch. Right now, I’m the young boy, who is looking at what little he’s been given. I’m looking at what’s in my hands, then back at God, saying you want to use this?! The young boy could have kept his lunch for himself, and right now, that’s what I’m doing. I like to paint, but I’m only painting things for myself. I like to sing and play instruments, but I’m honestly only doing that when I’m alone. I enjoy writing, but what’s the point if I’m not sharing it? The young boy had no clue God was going to use him and his small lunch that day.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m going to become the next Christian singer you hear on the Joy FM, but I haven’t offered that talent to God yet. I’m still holding onto it, doubting that that’s what God wants to use, and He’s going to use it the way He wants to — it might only affect a few people. After all, He was the one who gave me the talent to begin with.

After realizing that I haven’t been allowing God to use what He’s given me, I started listing out small abilities God’s gifted me with. I want to use them to bring Him glory, but I’m still holding on to a lot of them, not truly trusting that He can multiply and cultivate these talents to become something more than what they already are.

I would encourage you to evaluate what talents God’s given you. Once you actually start listing them out, I hope you’re as surprised as I was at the amount of ways God could use you. However, prior to this, I was holding onto these things, keeping them for myself, not truly believing they were something God wanted to use.

My prayer for today, and hopefully every day from now, is for God to show me what He’s given me, and how He wants to multiply them so I can bring Him more glory and to share His love with others. I want my prayer to be Here I am, use me.