A Strand Next to A Strand — How Artist Jaeyoung Park Views the Society from Wool Knitting

Have you noticed that the last glimpse of summer has gone? Is your closet ready for autumn? Let’s receive some warmth from the paintings of our beloved artist Jaeyoung Park.

What is a strand?

Having wool clothing as the subject matter, Jaeyoung Park illustrates implicit memories by the analogy of knitting. Along with the process of tying and untying, the artist also has his emotions tied and untied. The strand — the string or thread in the paintings is a symbolic form that contains implicit memories. A strand next to a strand, Park has his expression portrayed in a subtle manner.

Memory by Jaeyoung Park


Woolscape is a term created by the artist from wool and landscape. Woolscape stands on the boundary between the real object and symbolic expression defined by the artist. The interpretation of the work embraces the dual aspects of minimalism and realism.

The intricate images of the repeated strands arouse audience’s curiosity and situational imagination upon the story. On one hand this work is realistic in a sense of the painting manner, on the other hand it can be seen as a symbolic pattern to interpret the structure of the modern society. The process might seem monotonous, but the acts of connecting and disconnecting are continuously performing in between, like any individual in this fluid society.

Warm Life by Jaeyoung Park

Behind the Wool

Focusing on what it means to be an individual in a society, the artist constructs the image with the minimum unit of a strand. It is just a part of larger picture. However, the way strands are unwoven, tied, entangled, and embracing one another suggests a the life-style of todays’s society. Like a sweater made out of small strands to warm people, small roles of individuals which although seem trivial, contribute to the general identity of the society, making progress towards a better future.

Mature Pumpkin by Jaeyoung Park

The repetitivity brings out a neutral and calming feeling. Almost like a meditation, the artist intends to inspire audience to think about the passage of time and open their senses from each work.

Find out more about Jaeyoung Park’s woolscape at: http://bit.ly/2NaI9YR

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