Agnes is Coming to Town!

Have you ever imagined how far AI (Artificial Intelligence) could do for human beings? Nothing but Transformer-like mechanical robots which utter words with a weird accent? It’s more than that! We are proud to present our BBuzzArt Art Intelligence Engine — Agnes!

To bring excitements to the traditionally rigid and opaque art market and synthesize art of our times, BBuzzArt keeps generating innovations to make sure that our emerging artists will stay afloat in the fast-changing industry. The collaboration between the manpower of our curatorial team and the Art Intelligence aims to select the best artworks for you. Throw Agnes any words and it will provide you with an amazing selection of creations from our beloved artists. Up till now, Agnes has already been featured in our Curator’s Pick section for almost a year and curated on seven themes!

Moi 12 (left) by EunJu Jung, Das flores que não quero ver. (middle) by Amanda Lima and Painting (right) by Jiyeon

Flowers is the first selection by Agnes in 2017. Since ‘flower’ is the most frequent subject chosen by artists, Agnes picked five delightful artworks categorized with ‘flowers’. The achievement might not sound huge, yet the idea itself was a milestone and such an encouragement to our technical team to advance the engine.

Tides (left) by Marcos Hdez, Doesn’t They Weigh You Down? (middle) by Janissa Cahyadi and Sleeping Woods (right) by Bae Jeong In

Other than themes named after objects, we also try color concepts like White Let’s Start Clean!. To celebrate the New Year 2018, Agnes picked seven enchanting artworks categorized under ‘white’. This collection is selected upon a wish for energy and hope, as if walking through a snow-filled street.

Resolutions don’t have to be made on New Year’s Day! Have a glimpse of refreshment anytime at:

In the Beginning #16 (left) by Kim Jiyoung, Discovering the Unfamiliars (middle) by Jeffrey Jay Jarin and Blue Hum (right) by Petra Lea

The latest curation by Agnes is Sublime Atmosphere. Not constrained by general descriptions, Agnes could now detect abstract feelings and suggest artworks to suit your mood! The eight newly picked artworks may remind you of the fleeting moments quietly passed by.

Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the pure serenity of memories at:

See more exciting curation by Agnes at:

If AI can be a curator, why can’t you be an artist? What are you waiting for? Join BBuzzArt and let the world see your art!

Buzzing Art, Budding Artist.