Art is Blind, Too.

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People always say love is blind. What about art?

The Water Lily series by Claude Monet was painted when Monet was visually impaired; Van Gogh is suspected to have been color blind for the complaints of vision problems in his letters. These masters have shown us the most beautiful colors and proven that visual blindness is no barriers to achieving art.

But what if we are not talking about visually blinded?

Deluge by Diana Paz

I don’t know anything about art.

Some people are afraid that they do not have a ‘knowledge’ about art, so they are not enough to call themselves ‘artists’ or what they created to be ‘art’. But guess what? There are self-taught artists who become one of the big names out there. Frida Kahlo, Albert Dorne, Paul Gauguin, you name it.

Especially in our digital age, google ‘art’ and you would find tons of information you would like to know. Museums, galleries, theaters…Exhibitions and shows are all around the corners.

2.5 by Charles Traut and Insight by Diana Paz (right)

When we say love is blind, it means love carries no judgements. So is art. The beauty in art is not defined by anything but a genuine heart. Neither could it be judged by anyone but your subjectivity. Like how a romantic relationship grows, sometimes even out of your own appreciation, somebody else sees your beauty. So be yourself and create! The only art blindness exists when one stops discovering.

Surrender by Olaya Zarzosa

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About Blindness Series

In the 20th century, our ideas and concepts are easily influenced by the cosmetic and advertising industries. These curated pieces invite the viewers to doubt the socially constructed idea of beauty. The reflection of human emotions is perceived through the eyes, and by obstructing them, we would be able to see beyond our flaws as well as the depth of our true existence.

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