Art Meets Music ft. AFUZZ

Dear Buzzlers,

How have you been enjoying BBuzzArt’s art experience? Would you like to upgrade your sensual enjoyment beyond visuals? We have something new for you today. Check it out!

BBuzzArt x AFUZZ

If you have been following us, you must know that in order to introduce you to the appreciation of new and emerging art, BBuzzArt always do our best on collaboration projects to bring artists of all disciplines together. This time, we are proud to present a feature collaboration project with Korean music band — AFUZZ.

Debuted in 2015, AFUZZ is a four-girl Jazz-Funk fusion band which approaches the audience with an impressive and catchy melody. Based on the foundation of jazz, They have mixed various genres by adding funky rhythm and rock sound.

Music x Art

We believe that music plus art is a way to engage more people in art. To provide an all-rounded experience to our Buzzlers, we plan to continue this idea and collaborate with more musicians in different genres.

Our curatorial team feels the music by their hearts and choose the most suitable artworks from the archive of BBuzzArt to combine with a new collection of another concept. This combination will not only advance your sensual experience, but suggest a whole new perspective for you to expand your imagination.

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