BBuzzArt’s Fruitful November

Highlights of the Season (Sep-Nov 2018)

Nov 6, 2018 · 4 min read

If you have been following our social networking channels, you must have noticed that BBuzzArt has made an effort this season to provide you with great art enjoyments. Let’s throw back and see what have happened in the last three months, and also have a preview on what is up next!

On Going Events

The biggest excitement this season has to be BBuzzShow! All over Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, you could find our daily updates and live videos presenting you the amazing exhibition. But it is not all yet. For those in a distance, we have prepared the UNESCOxBBuzzArt campaign to keep us all connected.

1. Boggart — BBuzzShow@Seoul 2018

The exhibition has been going on for a week, which is already halfway of the exhibition period. If you are in Seoul at the moment, grab the final chance to see the artworks in real!

Exhibition venue: Art Hall Indie GONG
(Venue guide at:
Exhibition date: 1 Nov 2018–14 Nov 2018
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 1pm to 7pm (Closed on Mondays)
Participating artists:
Jaeyoung Park, Unji Lee, Jiyoon Jeong, Sohyun An and Taehoo Jung

Learn more about BBuzzShow at:

2. UNESCO x BBuzzArt

Along with BBuzzShow@Seoul Call for Artist Submission, we were also calling for artists who are living in a UNESCO city to share their artistic career. From this week, we will keep promoting emerging artists from all over the world. Yesterday, the first feature article was out.

Read Dutch artist Denise Buisman Pilger’s story at:

Featured in Last Season (Sep-Nov)

1. BBuzzShow@Seoul Opening Party (Nov)

For the grand opening of BBuzzShow@Seoul, we held an opening party last Friday which has attracted over 50 guests from all over the world. Among which, we are pleased that artists who are not living in Seoul had particularly came to our party to congratulate their fellows. Participating artists and our CEO gave inspiring speeches and discussions on the contemporary art scene.

See more recaps from our Facebook page and at:

2. An Artist’s Perspective (Oct-Nov)

Despite the preparation for BBuzzShow@Seoul, our curatorial team has traveled across the world to Germany and visit artist Orfhlaith Egan’s studio.

Get inspired by her story again at:

3. BBuzz Challenge (Sep-Oct)

Lasted for two months, BBuzz Challenge has tried ‘an art a day’ with our BBuzzArt users. Selecting an artwork per day, we encouraged users to interact and discover new fellow artists together.

4. BAM: BBuzzArt Movement (Sep)

We all have a sentimentality for our childhoods and we invited our followers to share something personal with us. Under the hashtag #BAMLEADER, we presented the mission ‘Recreate Something Memorable from Your Childhood’ on Instagram. We were glad to see touching moments from the participation.

Coming Up Next (Dec-Jan)

1. New Collection Available Online

Like Summer Collection from the Summer season, our curatorial team has been preparing a brand new art collection online. To be an art collector, you should not miss it!

2. BBuzzCanvas Commercial

Dreaming to enjoy art anytime anywhere? As an art lover, you should pay attention to our latest commercial which will feature one of our technologies — BBuzzCanvas in any available sizes!

Other than these campaigns and events, we keep providing you with interesting discussions on art-related topics and international art news. Look forward to the upcoming season! If you have creative ideas and stories to share, feel free to shoot us an email at

Buzzing Art, Budding Artists.

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