[BBuzzShow@Seoul] How Exactly Do I Get to GONG?

If it is your first time to go to Indie Art Hall GONG, it could be a bit confusing within the maze of the Yangpyeong factory area. So here comes a visual instruction for your kind reference.

When you arrive at Yangpyeong Subway Station (Line 5), get up from Exit 2.

If you see this traffic light at the crossroads, it is the correct way. Go straight!

Follow the way to Seoul Nambu District Employment and Labor Office.
Keep going straight!

If you see GS25 on the opposite side, you are on the right track. Keep going straight! On you way, you will see a small cross above the church. Follow it and you are getting near.
** Do NOT cross over the street!

When you see an acrylic store next to the church, turn into the alley.

After passing through the green Pho rice noodle house and the orange signboard of the Suwon restaurant, you will see these buildings.

And here comes Indie Art Hall GONG!

See the cute Mario on the chimney? Here it is! The entrance is full of our posters. Let them guide your way!

Pass through the parking lot and you will find the stairs.

BBuzzShow@Seoul is on 2nd floor!

It might seem a bit complicated. But with this visual guide, I am sure you could find the way! Good luck and see you there.

In case you could not find it, don’t hesitate to contact us through Facebook message! 
***Do NOT call us at the office number. We are all waiting for you at Indie Art Hall GONG!

See Korean guidelines at: http://bit.ly/2CWLt3m

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