Behind Every Rejection Comes an Opportunity

Two weeks ago when I was on vacation, the morning when I was departing for Busan, I received a text from my colleague that the article supposed to be published on that day was accidentally deleted. Just another unfortunate office incident, isn’t it? Luckily, a backup article was written by another colleague. That article was left in Drafts section for a long time waiting to be published. It on one hand saved the day and on the other hand finally got an opportunity to be read by our lovely readers. Another bonus from that incident? It became the inspiration for today’s article.

Casualties of Love by Altin Furxhi

Too often we cannot help but focus on what we lost instead of what could mean behind the lost, or what it could be transformed into. But art tells us differently.

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.

We all know this famous quote from Pablo Picasso on artistic creativity. It does not only represent the avant-garde idea of bringing revolution to old knowledge, but is well performed in Picasso’s own creation process of destruction and construction in an endless cycle.

Interestingly, contemporary art has again brought revolution to the idea. What about when an act of destruction is also the end of the creation act? Sure you know I am talking about recent Banksy’s auction in Sotheby’s which has been astonished the entire art scene. Years of preparation behind the frame, all for the moment of destruction when the artwork was sold for millions of dollars. That destruction is a part of the art. The work is not only the painting itself but the whole performance of self-destruction, together with the audience’s reaction and the question it throws to the art market.

Comforting Thoughts by William Oxer

Dear all of our beloved BBuzzArt artists,

Behind every rejection comes an opportunity.

Last week we announced the list of finalists for BBuzzShow@Seoul which will be held 1–14 Nov 2018. Some artists have emailed us for the reason why they were not selected. We sincerely appreciate all of your support and we would love to let you know it is our goal to get as many artists featured as possible. Just as destruction is meant to happen as part of the creation process, let’s find opportunities in it. It’s not the end of it yet. We invite you all to join us at BBuzzShow@Seoul! Along with the exhibition, there are also other activities which provide opportunities. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Buzzing Art, Budding artists.