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Feb 20, 2019 · 2 min read

Born in the United Kingdom, John Brooks was educated at Bath and majored in Art with a focus study on Art History and History of Buildings. At first, the artist studied graphics and used photography to create designs commercially and for pleasure.

A Moment in Time in Haikou by John Brooks

This educational background allows Brooks to acquire knowledge of architecture, engineering and constructions. And they happen to be the starting point of most of the artist’s works. A study tour of European architecture honed his ability to observe and analyze structure and form. This enabled him to create works that explored the topic in new ways. These works led to one of his first exhibition’s in the prestigious Arnolfini gallery in his early years of photography.

Ancient Portal by John Brooks

Brooks’ works explore the environment in which he finds himself while traveling around the world. Every new destination stimulates a new reaction within his perceptions to both structures and landscape, urban and rural, or sometimes a mixture of all elements.

By re-examining what the subject is in form, color and texture, Brooks endeavors to present the unseen aspects of the subjects, sometimes by multiple exposures overlaid in semi-transparent layers or by simply the juxtaposition of two or more subjects.

Yucatan in Montreal by John Brooks

Other studies require the re-composing of the subject matter to create a more interesting image or one that stimulates a greater reaction in the observer. An obviously artificial composition can make the observer re-examine their perception of the original subject. The construction and reconstruction of an image by including different time frames successfully add further dimensions to the scene.

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