Does AI Have a Chance in the Art Market?

AI in the Art Market
BBuzzArt’s Art Intelligence Engine — Agnes

On 23 October, Christie’s New York will introduce artificial intelligence (AI) to the auction arena first time in history. The artwork Portrait of Edmond de Belamy, estimated at $7,000–10,000, is a print on canvas generated by the French art collective Obvious. Using a model called Generative Adversarial Network, artists from the Paris-based collective create the image by inputting 15,000 portraits done between the 14th and 20th centuries. This work to be sold has already passed a test which distinguish hand-drawn paintings.

Can an algorithm be creative?

In an interview with the art magazine artnet, a member of Obvious’s creative team, Hugo Caselles-Dupré, questioned the creativity of an algorithm. He explained that the philosophical approach behind the work was to challenge the possibilities of artificial intelligence in art. He believes that if algorithm can be creative, it would be the closet to the human mind’s creativity.

AI has already been incorporated as a tool by contemporary artists.

In a statement, Christie’s head of prints and multiples, Richard Lloyd, affirms the importance of artificial intelligence in today’s art world. “Christie’s continually stays attuned to changes in the art market and how technology can impact the creation and consumption of art…AI has already been incorporated as a tool by contemporary artists and as this technology further develops, we are excited to participate in these continued conversations.” The age of AI is about to begin in the art market.

Where can I see more conversations between AI and art?

Two years ago, the start-up online gallery BBuzzArt has developed an Art Intelligence Engine called Agnes. The collaboration between the manpower of BBuzzArt’s curatorial team and the Art Intelligence creates the best selection of artworks from latest emerging artists. Up till now, Agnes has already been featured in Curator’s Pick section of BBuzzArt’s website for a year and curated on seven themes.

To bring excitements to the traditionally rigid and opaque art market and synthesize art of our times, BBuzzArt keeps generating innovations to make sure that emerging artists will stay afloat in the fast-changing industry. If AI can be a curator, why can’t you be an artist? What are you waiting for? Join BBuzzArt and let the world see your art!

Buzzing Art, Budding Artist.


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